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Connect With Kristin

I’ll admit it… I’m that guy who doesn’t reply to messages straight away and I dislike email immensely (because i’d rather be out living my life, like the photo above) so I only check it once or maybe if I’m feeling realllllly up to it, twice per week (shock horror!)


I do value and appreciate your thoughts, ideas, and feedback though. It keeps me inspired to push the boundaries of what I’m capable. So if you would like to get in touch personally send a message through my Facebook messenger here and I will reply as soon as I possibly can. (usually within 48 hours)


Facebook Messenger:


If you want help creating, maintaining and advancing your wealth (I receive many messages about this topic) I’m currently, extremely limited in my capacity to take on 1 on 1 clients… However I have put together all the strategies, insights, tips, tools and templates in the “Wealth Accelerator” program.


If you want to collaborate on projects or would like me to advertise your products/service… I’m open to discussing the options. Please note however that the project, product or service needs to add significant value to the community and clients for us to even consider it. If you’re interested in sending me on a great adventure to help promote new hotels, events, flights, etc.. I’m all ears too!


Get in contact with me via FB messenger and we’ll get back to you ASAP.