How to make and save money while you travel

What if I told you there was a way make and save money while you travel? Would you think I’m crazy? Probably… but it’s now happening.

When you’re travelling it’s even more important to make your money go as far as possible and even make money while overseas (what a concept).

You don’t want to miss great opportunities while you are away but then again you don’t want to face a mammoth credit card bill upon your return. Here are a few ideas to help make your dollar go further while abroad.


Staying in touch

Obviously the cheapest ways include email, Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype etc. Who in their right mind would pay for long distance calls anymore? It just doesn’t make sense to now! and Internet cafes are now located in the remotest parts of the world. (Although don’t forget those friends and family members who would love to receive an old-fashioned postcard delivered to their mailbox! Love you grandma) 😉


Using “global roaming” on mobile phones is extremely expensive. Turn off global roaming before you leave Australia and buy local SIM cards to stay in touch by mobile phone. International Calling cards are another way to control how much you spend on phone calls.


Better still, check out the options offered by Skype or other VOIP providers. Their communication packages can be cheaper than phoning.


Banking from far away

ATMs are plentiful overseas but be wary of the transaction costs overseas banks charge for accessing your account… they can be very expensive. Use Internet banking to check your account and move money about, but always ensure the computer you use to access your accounts has a high level of security.


Online bookings

Finding well-priced accommodation is also easy in many major foreign cities using discounted travel websites. One of them is which you may not have heard about… but they have a tonne of trophies in their pool room that even Daryl from the Castle would be proud of.


Check local bargains

Often there are significant price differences between home and overseas. For instance, a camera may be cheaper in Italy but a haircut is a lot more expensive.


Take the bus/tram/train/subway

Reduce the stress of driving in large cities with different road rules. Instead drive to the outskirts of a city, park and catch public transport. This also gives you a better chance to mix with the locals. OR if you’re so inclinded, hire yourself some transport and get around on a moped (please be safe)


Eat where the locals do

Many prominent eateries can be tourist traps. Take a stroll up the back streets and you can often find tasty local food at a fraction of the price.


Design your business and income sources around your lifestyle, not the other way around

There is so many ways to make money now from a number of different sources. Whether your run your own business (that doesn’t rely on you), are an affiliate or network marketer or have investments that produces positive cash flow for you, the world provides the resources for you to do this, it’s time to get busy.

One way to actually to travel and create an income source at the same time is through worldventures. Check them out, I joined in May 2015 and it’s been a fun, free and fulfilled ride, that’s for sure.

By making and saving money as you go travel, you could afford to extend your holiday! Maybe even travel full-time 😉