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Who Is Freddy Jaco?

Kristin Jacobsen - Freddyjaco

Hi, My name is Kristin Jacobsen (a.k.a Freddy Jaco) and I’m a Wealth Coach for Gen-Y Professionals.


I’m an Aussie who loves to travel, journaling thoughts and ideas over an amazing coffee, doing crossfit workout, my work as a Wealth Coach and fully experiencing everything life has to offer.


Nearly 10 year ago I was on the traditional path of life and trying to ‘get wealthy’… By going school, going to Uni, getthing good grades, getting into a profession and into the 9 to 5 corporate life, then climb the corporate ladder, make lots and lots of money, have all the toys, bells and whistles and have it made…


However, the universe had a different plan for me and through a number of life-defining moments, it left me questioning what wealthy truly is… and what path I was actually on.


Long story short… The whole 9 to 5 corporate life left me in debt, unfulfilled and with a fast-track, one-way ticket to burn out. I forged a new path of building wealth on my terms and redefining what it means to be wealthy. Little did I know that it would give me more than I could possibly imagine.


After 5 long years, I decided to follow my heart, start my own business, reform what it means to be wealthy and consciously decided to form it around my ultimate lifestyle, not the other way around.


Since then I have never looked back.


I am lucky to experience things most people consider a dream. I can travel the world, have amazing, life-changing experiences and feel truly wealthy. I am truly blessed to live the life I live. I share my story and journey in hope to inspire those who want to escape the 9-5 rat race and experience more fun, freedom and fulfilment in their lives.


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I do my best to read and respond to comments and messages on social media.

Hope to connect with you soon!

– Kristin (Freddy Jaco)